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WordPress & Web Development Syllabus in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Swabi

  • WordPress & Web Development Syllabus in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Swabi
Date : October 31, 2019
Location : Flat#02, Office#06, Street#43 Allah Wali Market F8/1 Islamabad

WordPress & Web Development Syllabus in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Swabi O3165643400, O3119903317, WordPress & Web Development Syllabus in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Swabi O3165643400, O3119903317, WordPress and Web Development Course in IslamabadThis WordPress course will be the building block to your experience with WordPress. It will give you the fundamental administrative functions of the WordPress dashboard and a solid understanding of basic themes and plugins.More than just providing an easy way to make a good looking web site or blog, WordPress was developed with search engine optimization in mind. The class also covers how to use powerful SEO plugins so that you will be more easily found online.AudienceAnyone new to WordPress or who is self-taught on the product is a good candidate for this course. No prior WordPress knowledge is needed. No prior web development or programming skills are required. This course is designed for non-technical users who are more interested in content management and search engine optimization than the technical aspects of web site creation.Course OutlineModule 

1: Setup and Configure WordPressSection 

1: Understanding the Downloads WebsiteSection

2: Uploading Your WordPress Files via FTPSection 

3: Installing WordPressSection 

4: Logging into Your DashboardModule 

2: Administering WordPress, Theme and Plugin UpdatesSection 

1: Understanding the WordPress Dashboard – Updates ScreenSection 

2: Understanding Version, Release and Modification UpdatesSection 

3: Updating Based on WordPress, Theme and Plugin CompatibilitySection 

4: Upgrading to the Latest WordPress ReleaseModule 

3: Creating and Administering PostsSection 

1: Setting Up Categories and TagsSection 

2: Understanding Title and Content AreasSection 

3: Configuring the Publish AreaSection 

4: Setting the Featured ImageModule 

1: Differences between Pages and PostsSection

2: Creating Your Basic Website PagesSection 

3: Using HTML to Extend Page ContentModule 

4: Creating and Administering Pages Section 

1: Creating Your First MenuSection 

2: Adding Pages, Post and Categories to Your MenuSection 

3: Enabling Advanced Menu OptionsSection 

4: Adding Custom Links to Your MenuModule 

5: Creating and Administering Menus Section 

6: Configuring Website SettingsSection 

7: Media Library Section

1: Configuring General SettingsSection 

2: Configuring Reading SettingsSection 

3: Configuring PermalinksModule 

1: Understanding the Default Width and Height SettingsSection 

2: Understanding WordPress Image File CreationSection 

3: Understanding the Default Month Year Folder StructureSection 

4: Uploading and Managing Media FilesModule 

1: Choosing a ThemeSection 

2: Installing and Configuring a ThemeSection 

3: Switching Between ThemesSection 

4: Adding Menu, Media and Content to a ThemeSection 

5: Administering, Upgrading and Maintaining PluginsSection 

6: Installing and Configuring a Form PluginSection 

7: Installing and Configuring a Media Library PluginModule 

8: Themes and Plugins Section 

9: Administering User AccountsSection 

1: Understanding the Built-in User AccountsSection 

2: Setting Up User SecuritySection 

3: Installing and Configuring a User Management PluginSection 

4: Merging and Deleting User Accounts 

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