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Planning & Scheduling Practical Training Online

  • Planning & Scheduling Practical Training Online
Price : Rs15,000
Date : October 31, 2022
Location : Lahore

Planning & Scheduling Practical Training Online

Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Release21.12 Course Contents

System Configuration

Defining of EPS (Enterprise Project Structure)

Defining of OBS (Organization Breakdown Structure)

Defining of Calendars (Global-Resource-Project)

Defining of Currency & Activation of Currency

Defining of Units of Measure

Defining of Expense Category

Setting of Time units (Units Format-Duration Format)

Creation of New Project File.

1-Project Planning

Step A- Defining of WBS Codes (Work Breakdown Structure)

Step B-Defining of Project Activities

Step C- Entering of Required Estimated Duration for Completion of each Activity

Step D-Assignment of milestones

Step E-Assignment of Constraint

2-Project Scheduling

Step A- Linking of Project Activities according to their relationship (through different procedure)

Relationship Types

i) Start to Start ii) Start to Finish

iii) Finish to Start IV) Finish to Finish

Step B- Schedule Execution (F9 Function Key)

Step C-Modification and Deletion of Relationships

Step D- Analysis of Gantt Chart & Activity Network (PERT)

Step E- Understanding of Forward Pass and Backward Pass

Step F- Analysis of Critical & Non Critical Path

Step G- Analysis of Total Float, Free Float and Project Float

3-Cost Estimation (Budgeting)

Step A –Defining of Roles

Step B- Introduction to Enterprise Resource window

Step C- Defining of Resources with Rates

i) Manpower ii) Material iii) Machinery

Step C- Assign Resources to Project Activities

Step D- Assign Expenses to Project Activities

Step E- Cost Accounts

i) Defining of Cost Accounts

ii) Assignment of Cost Accounts

4-Activity Codes

Step A-Introduction to Activity Codes

Step B- Defining of activity codes

Step C- Assignment of Activity codes

Step D- Activation of Activity Codes

5- Filters

Step A- Introduction to Filters

Step B-Defining of Filters by

i) Date wise ii) WBS wise iii) Activity Codes wise

6- Global Change


Step A- Defining of new layout for baseline Project

Step B- Defining of new columns for activities and resources

Step C- Defining of new bar

Step D-Table Font and Row

Step E- How to show bar chart legend

Step F- Timescale

8-Project Schedule & Budget Approval

Step A- Project statistical Data Presentation for Project Schedule & Budget Approval

Step B- Modification in Project Schedule and Budget according to Management Instructions

9-Baseline Setting

Step A- Introduction to Baseline

Step B-Maintain Baseline after Project Schedule and Budget Approval

Step C- Assign Baseline to Project (Primary Baseline & Secondary Baseline)

Step D- Restore Baseline

10- Project Execution and Recording of Progress

Step A- Project Progress Reports Routing Step

Step B- Update Activity without any delay

Step C- Update Activity with delay

Step D- Update Activity Physical

Step E- Update Resources without any variance

Step F- Update Resources with variance

Step G- Update Expense without variance

Step H- Update Expense with variance

Step I- Rescheduling Project Schedule

Primavera P6 Final Check List

Gantt Chart

Bar Chart

Activity Network (PERT) Program Evaluation & Review Techniques

Critical Path Method (CPM) Critical & Non Critical Activities Analysis

Forward & Backward Pass Analysis

Total Float, Free Float & Project Float Analysis

Activity Codes


Global Change

Resource Curve (S-Curve)

Resource Histogram

Cash flow



Import & Export

Planned & Actual Comparison (Schedule & Cost)

Resource Leveling

Reports Analysis

Man-hours Loading Reports

Cost Analysis

Man-hours(Histogram & S-Curve)

Quantity (Histogram & S-Curve)

Cost (Histogram & S-Curve)

Course Duration 2 weeks

Training Instructor & Consultant

Engr. Samar Abbas


Skype I’D : SAMAR50546

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